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The HotHouse is a portable Infrared Sauna that can penetrate far infrared heat deep into the body to help maintain good health, well-being and prevent disease. It is manufactured in Japan as a medical device by Hsin Ten Enterprises Ltd using patented far infrared technology and over the years, it has gained both popular and professional worldwide acclaim as one of the simplest and most effective infrared saunas on the market today.

Infrared thermal therapy has been around for civilizations, but it's only due to revolutionary research and the HotHouse, that the amazing healing benefits of far infrared technology are now available for use in the comfort of your own home for the whole family.

The HotHouse Infrared Sauna is comfortable, portable, versatile, and simple to use offering a safe, effective and natural approach to far infrared therapy and alternative health with your personal health spa. 

Far Infrared Sauna - HotHouse.
The HotHouse Infrared Sauna is arched in shape with an inner super radiant, silicon heating surface that safely allows far infrared heat to radiate around the body. As these far infrared rays radiate from the HotHouse they are absorbed by the body and expanding the capillaries and stimulating blood flow. This helps to balance the body allowing it to heal and regenerate while you relax and enjoy the gentle warmth and comfort of this unique far infrared sauna.

The HotHouse can be used to relieve pain and soreness, reduce swelling and inflammation, improve blood circulation and lymphatic flow, remove toxins from the body and improve overall health and fitness. For more on Health Benefits - CLICK HERE for more FIR Hothouse Benefits


Infrared Rays are the part of the sunlight spectrum and are invisible to the naked eye. Infrared rays generate heat and are responsible for creating the warmth that we feel on a sunny day.

Infrared rays vary in wavelengths:- Near Infrared (0.76-1.56 microns); Mid Infrared (1.5-4 microns);
and Far Infrared (4-1000 microns). Far-infrared rays are the most noticeable and enable life to flourish, promoting all aspects of health, growth and development in all living creatures. Far-infrared rays are is absorbed easily, deep into the skin and tissues resonating with the water molecules in our cells and blood, increasing circulation and improving our health and well-being.

Far Infrared Rays penetrate deep into the body.  
Far infrared rays are also part of the 'chi' energy in all humans and all living cells and most of our body heat is emitted as far-infrared. Far infrared produced by the human body constantly fluctuates. When its intensity is high, we feel healthy and are able to overcome ailments. When the far-infrared begins to decline, we are subject to attacks of illness and tend to age more quickly.
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